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Get To Know Me

Personable. Knowledgable. Leading.

My family's local real estate office has been in the Phoenixville area since 1926! That's almost 100 years of real estate knowledge passed down making me 4th Generation. I've been listening to real estate talk since I was born.

But since 2018, I’ve been helping my own clients buy, sell and rent properties and manage every aspect of the real estate process when I got my license. But to me, it's more than just buying and selling houses. It's creating the lifestyle you want to achieve through homeownership.

What's it like to work with an enneagram 9 real estate agent? I am excellent at listening to your wants and needs and a great problem solver on either end. My goal is to find the absolute best for my clients with the smoothest outcome.

I grew up in the Phoenixville area, but once I got married in 2014, my husband and I moved to Royersford. We have two cats Maverick and Goose (Can you guess my husband's favorite movie?). Our dog Hurley who we rescued from All4Paws Rescue loves to keep us active by constantly asking for walks and wanting to be outside with us while we workout in our garage turned home gym.

When I'm not out showing first time homebuyers what they could be moving in to or working on sending a potential seller a home value report, you can find me curled up in a sunny spot with a good book, preferably a thriller. My husband and I love to spend our free time planning which National Park we want to see next or where we should go camping next weekend.

My passion in real estate is helping people find a house that meets their needs financially and their lifestyle. If buying or selling is in your future, it's never too early to set up a meeting so we can create a plan and strategy to meet your goals.

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